Rosewood Magnet


March 24, 2023

Contact Information:
  • Barbara Musselwhite, Extended Day Supervisor
  • 772-564-4999
About The School

Rosewood Magnet is a collaborative community working together to ensure high academic achievement for all students. Our students learn traditional academics through an interdisciplinary approach using the thematic units from the Core Knowledge Curriculum integrated with a STEAM approach to teach the 21st century skills students will need for success in the future. Core Knowledge brings together history, science, music and art through hands-on learning experiences and culminating activities that cross content areas and have a strong tie to the performing arts. We provide students with “lived learning”. They do more than just study the curriculum, they live it, explore it, act it out, investigate and experiment with the standards they are learning. We pride ourselves on our “Rich Traditions…. and Bright Futures…”.