Gifford Youth Achievement Center


March 24, 2023

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About The School

Founded in 1998, with the sole purpose of increasing the graduation rate of African Americans in the Gifford Community, GYAC has flexed and flourished, expanding based upon the needs of the community. What began as a community center with two full-time staff has transformed into a bustling campus complete with classrooms, two computer labs, an outdoor patio and a full-size gymnasium.
With academics in focus, GYAC has played a crucial role in increasing the graduation rate of Indian River County’s African American population from 23% at its inception to over 90% present day. GYAC’s values: Respect, Hope, Perseverance, Hard work, Inclusivity, and Collaboration act as a guiding light throughout the organization. By holding students, parents and employees accountable, we have made tremendous strides towards ensuring the County’s underserved populations have the tools they need to succeed.