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Lets make a difference in childrens lives together!



Mentors guide the students through the provided curricula and instructions. As a Mentor you will work with students and coach them to write scholarly articles, which will be published in a magazine. You will edit their articles yourself at home. This is a paid position of $15 an hour. Each Mentor will be assigned to one school, 2 days a week from 4-5pm. Due to Covid-19 protocols it is mandatory to wear mask in public schools.




Volunteers are an incredible asset to the team! We need your help in the classroom with the kids and in our departments. We want you to be happy with this program so every month you can choose to work in a different department of the organization. Here are your options as a volunteer to assist in:


Marketing Department
Social Media Department
Human Resources Department
Fundraising Department
Classroom Assistant






College Juniors, Seniors and one graduates, this internship is for you. This is an unpaid internship that will offer you experience in Marketing, Social Media, Human Resources, Fundraising, Management, Nonprofit work and more. Every week you will get to dip your toes into something new. After getting a taste of it all you will get the chance to choose where you’d like to become an expert or if you’d like to gain knowledge in multiple areas.